Other projects

Tarab Trio & Le mille e una notte

TArab Trio

Ingrid Zorini: dance
Giulio Gavardi: turkish saz and arab oud
Stolfo Fent: percussions

Le mille e una notte

Show mixing theatre, music and dance

Tarab Trio with:

Maurizio Camardi: soprano sax and duduk
Titino Carrara and Giorgia Antonelli: actors

Our Favourite Things Duo/Trio: Swing and Bossa

Luisa Ereno: vocals
Giulio Gavardi: guitar
Guest: sax

Luca Ferarris 6et


A songwriter and his live band.

Luca Ferraris: vocals, piano, charango
Pietro Sconza: double bass
Paul Mazzega: drums
Francesco SOcal: clarinets
Sergio MArchesini: accordeon
Giulio Gavardi: classical and electric guitar

Nilza Costa 

For some months I’am replacing official guitarist Federico Codicè with this talented afro-brasilian signer.

Nilza Costa: vocals, Roberto Rossi: drums and percussions, Pippi di Monte: double bass, Massimo Zaniboni: saxophones


GMG and the Beta Project



A grooving band playing original music, mixing elements from blues, funky, ska, reggae adn world music with creativity and energy.

Line up:

GiulioMaria Garbellotto: vocals, guitars and songwriter
Samantha Giordano: vocals
Riccardo Albori: bass
Leonardo Calcaterra: drums
Antonio Santini: percussions
Giulio Gavardi: guitars, mandolino, ukulele,saz, alto sax


Born as a street band from holidays, became a grooving street band perfect for marriages and party events.


L’Allenasogni, di Marta Telatin


“L’allenasogni ” is the fifth book of poetess Marta Telatin, published under Rapsodia Edizioni.

During live presentations my guitar accompanies poetry reading by one or more actors (Davide Cortesi, Giorgia Poletto).